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Mathway steering

Mechanical steering gives precise control and a positive feel of the rudder position at the helm. Mathway steering is the preferred system for many pilot boats and has also been fitted to numerous RNLI lifeboats, sailing vessels and motor boats.

All Mathway steering gears are of the mechanical type with positive gearing between the wheel and the rudder, or rudders. They are free of back-lash and remain so after prolonged use, even under the most arduous conditions. The larger power-operated models have the manual gear incorporated in the transmission system and in the unlikely event of power failure, full control of the vessel is maintained - the only indication being the heavier wheel action caused by the absence of power assistance.

With over 80 years experience in manufacture and fitting, Mathway can justifiably claim to have an extensive, practical working knowledge of the usage of marine steering gear for all types of craft.

All gearboxes are built with minimal friction and nil backlash.

HMS Archer

Mathway extra light steering systems are currently the smallest of our range. A smaller tiller reduction box will soon make them suitable for craft less than 24 feet. XL steering can be fitted to yachts and motor boats. Mathway series XL steering Mathway light steering is suitable for the majority of yachts and motor boats.
Mathway series LS steering

The ES system is similar to the LS series, sharing some components, but has been up-rated for heavier duty.
Mathway series ES steering

The Mathway LPS power steering is a system designed for vessels having rudder torque of above 3 ton ft, and up to 16 ton ft. It provides a precision engineered mechanical linkage between wheel and rudder, with hydraulic power reducing the load at the wheel. The Royal Navy's Archer Class vessels use Mathway LPS steering systems. Mathway LPS steering box
Mathway LPS steering box
Mathway power assistance

Mathway offers a comprehensive range of fittings. Steering wheels can be bulkhead, console or pedestal mounted. Helm indicators are directly geared into the transmission, and therefore always reflect true rudder angle. Multi-station steering position can be accommodated, and wheels supplied with disconnecting clutches. Mathway helm indicator

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